Revitalizing Supreme+ Bright

Power Soft Creme

Multi-action creme visibly improves dark spots, acne marks.

Product Details

Bring your youth to light. Proven brightening and bounce boosting.
With this deeply hydrating, ultra lightweight, next-level milky lotion, skin looks alive with undeniable luminosity and a more youthful look.
With our powerful 511AA Target Technology, featuring Beautyberry Extract and Vitamin C, it addresses dullness and discoloration. Skin looks lit from within: clearer, more translucent.
• 95% said skin looked brighter.*
• 93% said skin tone looked more even-toned.*
• 92% said skin felt firmer, had more bounce after 2 weeks.**
Skin is silky smooth. Lines and wrinkles look reduced.
Powerful technology with our exclusive Moringa Extract help skin amplify its natural collagen production.
Tested and proven on Asian women in Asia.
/ Tested on Japanese women in Japan.
Supremely light, fast-absorbing Soft Milky Lotion texture. Also available: Power Soft Creme.
Suitable for your neck area.

The Gateway of Youth
At the heart of Revitalizing Supreme+ is our exclusive Moringa Extract.
What is Moringa?
For thousands of years, the Moringa Plant (often referred to as the “miracle tree” or the “tree of life”) has been known for its exceptionally nourishing qualities. It holds key building blocks of life—calcium, potassium, Vitamin C, amino acids and Omega 3. It’s one of the most powerful anti-aging ingredients we’ve ever discovered.
What our Moringa Extract does:
• Helps skin optimize its natural renewal and cellular potential.
• Supports a powerful protein known as the “gatekeeper of youth”—helping skin "unlock" multiple anti-aging pathways.
• Works together with our pro-collagen technology to help reduce the look of lines and wrinkles.

*Consumer testing on 121 Asian women after using product for 4 weeks, twice per day.
**Consumer testing on 121 Asian women after using product for 2 weeks, twice per day.

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