Perfectionist Pro

Intense Brightening Essence Ampoule with Vitamin C/E + Licorice

Renews skin. Reduces the look of dark spots, pores.

Product Details

4 weeks. 4 vials. Rapid renewal for brighter, soothed skin.
This highly concentrated, waterlight treatment delivers a visible boost fast—when skin needs it most. Helps maximize skin’s own renewal process to reveal a brighter, more soothed look.
DAY 1: Redness is rapidly soothed. Skin looks more radiant.(1)
• 8 out of 10 women said their skin looked less red immediately after application.(2)
WEEK 1: Skin looks significantly less sallow—looks healthier overall.(3)
• 90% of women said their yellow skintone looked reduced.(4)
WEEK 2: Texture looks noticeably smoother and more refined.(3)
• 96% of women said their skin felt smooth.(4)
WEEK 3: Pores and lines look significantly diminished.(3)
• 89% of women said their pores look minimized.(4)
WEEK 4: Dark spots look significantly reduced. Skintone looks more even.(3)
• 93% of women said their skin looked more even-toned.(4)
The lightweight texture helps the formula penetrate into skin. Absorbs quickly with no sticky feeling.
Comes as a set of four 7-day vials (each holds 10ml of the essence)—use one per week. Promotes a healthy oil/water balance.

(1) Clinical testing on 30 women after single product application.
(2) Consumer testing on 106 Asian women after single product use.
(3) Clinical testing on 34 Asian women after using product over the course of 8 weeks, 2X per day.
(4) Consumer testing on 117 Asian women after using product for 1 week, 2X a day.
(5) Consumer testing on 120 Asian women after using product over the course of 4 weeks, 2X a day.

4 X 10ml bottles

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